Dental veneers from your dentist in Marietta, GA keep you smiling

We live in a time in history in which our appearance is more important than ever before. Humans are so affected by appearances that attractive people are favored in our society. In fact, sociologists and psychologists agree that we tend to view people with attractive smiles as friendly, intelligent, compassionate, and even more competent. These are just a few of the characteristics perceived in an attractive smile.

Men and women of all ages are concerned about how they present themselves in their social and professional lives. As trends in hair and clothing come and go, there is one aspect of our appearance that we have the power to enhance and maintain in stunning fashion throughout our life, and that is our smile. You do not need to live in Hollywood or New York City to “deserve” a brilliant, beautiful smile. We help many people get smiles they love using dental veneers in cosmetic treatment at our office in Marietta, GA.

Beautiful smiles are not a luxury to be enjoyed by those in the public eye. Current research indicates the role of the smile in the workplace, as well; and this is true no matter what part of the country you live in. One study by Kelton Research interviewed employers on their hiring practices, and asked about the appearance of applicants in the decision-making process. Results of this study revealed that those with attractive smiles were more often offered the position for which they applied. Employees with attractive smiles also seemed to earn more, and receive more consideration for promotion. Socially speaking, the look of the smile has a direct impact on one’s success in dating.

Flaws in your smile do not have to mean a life spent hiding behind a hand. Cosmetic treatment with your skilled dental practitioner can make an enormous difference in the look of your smile. Dr. Breckley and Dr. Vo are extensively trained and experienced in the various cosmetic treatments we offer at Thirty-two Dental, including porcelain veneers.

We approach cosmetic dental treatment with a commitment to ultimate results. During your consultation with your dentist, we will listen to your concerns about your smile, and devise a plan tailored to your needs so that you can feel fully confident in the image you are projecting. Contact Thirty-two Dental for your consultation today.