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Optimas Aesthetic

Discover the Future of Aesthetic Dentistry at 32 Dental

At 32 Dental in Kennesaw, Georgia, we are excited to introduce the Optimas Aesthetic Suite, the latest advancement in dental and facial aesthetic technology. Our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions empowers us to offer superior care and transformative results for all our patients.

What is Optimas?

Optimas is a state-of-the-art system designed for a range of aesthetic treatments. This innovative platform combines intense pulsed light (IPL), laser, and radiofrequency technologies to deliver tailored treatments for skin rejuvenation, discoloration correction, and hair removal.

Key Benefits of Optimas at 32 Dental:

  • Enhanced Patient Outcomes: With Optimas, we can significantly improve the effectiveness of aesthetic procedures, ensuring outstanding results for treatments like skin brightening, acne scar reduction, and more.
  • Comprehensive Aesthetic Care: Whether you’re seeking to enhance your natural beauty or address specific dermatological issues, Optimas allows us to integrate medical-grade aesthetic procedures seamlessly into our dental practice.
  • Increased Practice Efficiency: Optimas is designed to maximize productivity and patient satisfaction. The integration of multiple technologies into a single platform allows us to offer a variety of procedures without the need for multiple devices, ensuring a smoother and faster treatment experience.
  • Economic Advantage: By incorporating aesthetic services with Optimas, we enhance our practice’s offerings, opening up new avenues for care and satisfaction which contribute positively to our clinic’s growth and your satisfaction.

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