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Dental Veneers at 32 Dental Practice, Kennesaw, GA

Porcelain veneers are used to change the look and appearance of a smile. They can change the shade of the tooth, the shape of the tooth, or the contour of the tooth. They can also be used to fix chips, cracks, malalignment concerns, and address stains on the tooth that have not responded well to teeth whitening or bleaching alternatives. They are virtually undetectable, and oftentimes do not require much in terms of tooth preparation.

Normally, when we complete a set of veneers for our patients, we will then create a custom night guard to help protect the veneers from chipping or breaking. Although veneers that are done correctly do not tend to ever debond, teeth grinding can cause damage to the porcelain veneers, causing them to crack or break. These concerns require additional care and replacement in order to keep porcelain veneers looking their best, so by wearing the custom night guard, you can enjoy your porcelain veneers for an extended amount of time.

Veneers are a non-reversible process, so we typically like to rule out other cosmetic options first. Orthodontics can be used to move and realign teeth, teeth whitening and bleaching can help address stains and discolorations, and bonding may also be used to help with gaps or other minor concerns that the patient may have. If none of these alternatives address the dental problems, then the patient may consider having porcelain veneers completed on their teeth.

One benefit a patient can enjoy by going to 32 Dental for their veneers is the chance to enjoy the mock-up process that is part of our treatment plan for veneers. This involves the creation of a mold made from an initial impression that is sent to our labs to create a mock-up of the individual’s final results. This is placed in the patient’s mouth so that they can see what the finished result will look like. We do this for all of our patients who are undergoing treatment for porcelain veneers.