Why teeth whitening reviews for professional Marietta treatment are better than over the counter products

Most people are aware of the value of a bright, healthy smile. This feature has become synonymous with friendliness, honesty, even wealth. Our ability to make a good first impression lies largely in the area between the chin and the nose, as is proven by polls that show a high percentage of people remember a person with an attractive smile. The condition of the smile can affect us both socially and professionally, which is why teeth whitening is such a valuable treatment.

The act of brightening the smile with specialized teeth whitening products and solutions has become so popular that it’s almost commonplace. So many people are whitening their teeth today that store shelves contain row upon row of pastes and solutions claiming to “whiten” teeth. The problem is that this wording gives the impression that whitening products have transformative power, actually lifting stains from teeth for a rejuvenated aesthetic. This is simply not the case.

There is a vast difference between the teeth whitening treatment available with your dentist and commercial whitening products. What your dentist does could be called “teeth-bleaching,” according to FDA guidelines. Commercial products can legally claim to have “teeth whitening” capabilities because this term applies to any product that can polish the teeth. Indeed, a good polishing, such as you get with a professional cleaning, can remove debris and plaque from teeth, which has a brightening effect. Teeth whitening, per FDA guidelines, does not apply to processes that lift the shade of white several levels.

The teeth whitening that is provided in the professional dental setting gets much better reviews for one reason: your Marietta dentist actually bleaches your teeth with safe, effective peroxide solution. When applied to the teeth, peroxide breaks down and allows tiny oxygen bubbles to penetrate the pores of teeth, entering into stain molecules and destroying them. This biochemical reaction leads to an extent of stain lifting that can actually make teeth appear whiter.

Your smile is one of your greatest assets. If your teeth have become dulled due to the effects of food, beverages, and the environment, your smile may not be communicating who you really are. Brightening your smile is easy. Contact Thirty-Two Dental for your consultation with Dr. Vo or Dr. Breckley, and make strides towards your brightest smile.