How can you receive the best teeth whitening in the Marietta area?

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment offered at 32 Dental. Teeth whitening in Marietta is popular because the procedure is affordable, easy, non-invasive, safe, and gives dramatic results. The best time to have this procedure is just after a cleaning and examination.

Our take-home whitening system is more effective and safer than the products found over-the-counter. Our whitening trays are custom made for each individual, and our bleaching gel is professional grade.

Once you decide that you want to proceed with an at-home whitening procedure, you will need to have two appointments with the dentist. The first appointment will involve taking impressions of the teeth. This model will be used to make the custom bleaching trays. These trays will hold the professional strength whitening gel close to the teeth.

When the custom trays are complete, you will return to the office to pick them up along with the professional strength whitening gel. You will be given instructions, and any questions you have will be answered.

Once you are home with your whitening trays, you will need to wear them for 30 minutes each day until you reach your desired shade. You will simply put some of the whitening solution in the tray and place it over your teeth. A good way to prevent teeth sensitivity is to use toothpaste such as Sensodyne for at least two weeks before starting the treatment.

For best results, you should avoid foods and drinks that cause staining, such as coffee, tea, wine and some fruits. At home, trays can also be used any time you feel that your teeth need a touch up.

For an affordable and quick way to improve your smile, try teeth whitening in Marietta. Call today to schedule your teeth whitening appointment at 32 Dental.