The risk of dry socket after having teeth extracted is minimal for Marietta patients

Having teeth extracted can be unsettling. Our team maintains a clear focus on patient comfort before, during, and after a procedure such as this. We listen carefully to your concerns and answer questions. We see that you understand, in as much detail as you’d like, about extraction and the healing process in order to avoid complications, such as dry socket.

The potential for complications in healing, including dry socket, causes some people anxiety. Yet this condition only occurs in one to three percent of all simple extractions. The removal of lower, impacted wisdom teeth carries a slightly higher risk of dry socket development.

What is a dry socket?

Teeth are situated within hollows in the jaw bone. When a tooth is removed, this socket is left empty. A blood clot forms for protection during healing. A dry socket occurs when this clot is lost, and the underlying bone in the socket is exposed.

Why dry socket develops

The formation of blood clots in the sockets after teeth are extracted is vital to the healing process. In our Marietta area dental office, we inform patients of steps to take after extraction to promote healing. If the blood clot is destroyed or lost too soon, normal healing is inhibited. The clot may disrupted too early for a number of reasons – the body’s reaction to inflammation or infection, bacteria, trauma, and even estrogen. We do what everything we can to help patients minimize risk of dry socket.

Symptoms of dry socket

Signs of dry socket may be noticed about three or four days after an extraction. Moderate to severe discomfort will develop in the instance of dry socket, and can last for a few days to more than a month. The bone exposed at the bottom of a dry socket is extremely sensitive. Its exposure results in an intense, dull, throbbing ache that may radiate around the jaw and even to the ear. A bad odor or unpleasant taste in the mouth may also develop.

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