Teeth extractions for braces in our office near Marietta can benefit the facial profile

The practice of tooth removal as a precursor to orthodontic treatment has been the source of lengthy conversation within the dental field. One school of thought is that extreme measures should be taken to preserve all permanent teeth in order to maintain the most natural facial contours. Some even say that tooth removal for orthodontic treatment can adversely affect ones appearance.

In our experience serving the needs of teens and adults with orthodontic treatment, any changes that occur to the face because of teeth extractions for braces have been positive. More often than not, our patients from Marietta and surrounding areas notice no difference at all in their facial aesthetic.

The recommendation to remove teeth before braces is made only after careful consideration. We collaborate with reputable orthodontists on the treatment of our patients’ smiles, and remove teeth after x-rays, pictures, and models are analyzed, after we have thoroughly assessed the size of teeth and jaws, and considered the current position of the lips.

Patients who have confirmed crowding of teeth at the onset of treatment generally experience no change in profile after the completion of treatment. When the position of front teeth are viewed in x-ray after treatment, their position, and thus that of the lips, changed little, if at all.

In contrast, patients who have moderate to severe crowding before orthodontic treatment, but in whom no teeth are removed, can experience the protrusion of lips as front teeth are pushed forward in the alignment process. If the patient began with protrusive lips, even a slight opening at rest, this advance in forward movement can create a “buck-toothed” appearance. Cases where lips do not close normally are best treated with teeth extraction. Even a palatal expander could be insufficient for creating room in the mouth for all teeth.

Fuller lips because of dentition can be aided by extraction followed by orthodontic treatment in which retraction, or the pulling back, or front teeth. The slight backward movement, as opposed to forward movement, of front teeth, can make the profile more attractive.

Patients we have treated with extraction and orthodontics report feeling very happy with their overall result. If you seek a more aligned smile, we can help. Contact Thirty-two Dental for your consultation.