Dentist reviews the cost of root canal treatment for patients in and near Kennesaw

Aroot canal deals with the teeth’s internal tissues. A root canal is recommended to patients near Kennesaw when the dental pulp, gets damaged or infected. In this case, a root canal is usually the only treatment option a dentist has to save the patient’s tooth structure. The dentist reviews the cost of root canal treatment before commencing with the procedure.

The process involves removal of the pulp, allowing the dentist to clean the chamber and cap it off to prevent any further damage. Once the initial process is over, a few more sessions may be required to restore the integrity of the tooth. The dentist will seal the tooth with a crown to strengthen it and prevent subsequent decay or damage. Patients can choose an experienced dentist in Kennesaw for root canal treatments.

Cost Factors

The cost associated with root canal procedures depends on various factors that will influence the actual cost of the treatment. According to the American Association of Endodontists, the location of the tooth that needs repair can play a role in determining the cost. A cavity in your front teeth requiring root canal treatment may cost less than cavities in hard to reach places in the mouth.

Front teeth have a single root; whereas, molars can have as many as three. If there is more than one root, it means that your dentist will have to work harder in its removal and the treatment may ultimately cost you more. Another factor that influences the cost of the procedure is the city where you receive the treatment. The cost of living index can vary from one city to another, which will impact the costs of all types of products and services, including dental care procedures.

Timely Treatment may Reduce Costs

Timely Treatment may Reduce CostsAnother factor that impacts the cost of root canal treatment is the severity of the damage caused to your inner tooth chamber and the complexity of the process to treat the tooth. Patients who visit the dentist as soon as they experience tooth sensitivity may sometimes pay less because they require less complex treatment. It may be easy for the dentist to correct the tooth condition in such cases.

The tooth infection, however, may become severe if you don’t act promptly at the first sign of infection. What could have been treated with a simple filling could now require a more elaborate procedure of a dental crown. The dentist will not only have to add a filling in the tooth but also cap it by placing a crown, which will add to the costs.

Just like any other medical procedure, there is always a risk of complications that can eventually push up the costs. Patients seeking treatment for root canal near Kennesaw should look for a fully trained and skilled dentist to achieve safe and effective results.

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Re-treatment for Past Root Canals

The procedure becomes more complex if damage occurs around the same tooth that already had a root canal. Your dentist would have to drill the teeth again to reach the site of damage. Although you may have received a dental filling the first time, now you may have to get a dental crown.

The risk of additional complications in the tooth is higher when it is the same tooth that had root canal treatment before. The only way to prevent this from happening is by following a routine of hygienic oral habits, visiting the dentist regularly, and protecting the teeth and gums against damage and infection.

Make sure you thoroughly clean your teeth twice daily to protect them from forming painful fissures. Strong teeth are necessary to fortify enamel and replenish calcium. The risk of tooth decay and re-treatments is minimized when you take adequate precautions.

Understanding your Costs with Insurance

o matter what the cost is, you should never put a price tag on your oral health.If you have dental insurance, your cost for root canal treatment could be much lower. Most insurance policies will take care of up to 90 percent of your root canal dental bill after paying the deductibles that usually don’t cost much.

In case you don’t have insurance, then make sure to explore your payment or financing options. Sometimes the dentist may offer you an in-house payment plan or a rebate for making full payment upfront.

No matter what the cost is, you should never put a price tag on your oral health. Choose the right dentist for root canal treatment near Kennesaw for safe and efficient care.

Drs. Lan Vo and Sean Breckley of Thirty-Two Dental understand the importance of early detection and include oral cancer screening as part of their checkups for every patient. This screening includes not only a visual exam, but also a saliva sample.

The visual exam takes only a few minutes. The dentists check closely for lumps, bumps, or sores in the mouth and under the tongue. Next, they will check your cheeks and salivary glands to determine if they are swollen or blocked. In addition to a visual exam, the patient’s saliva sample is tested for early stages of Human Papilloma Virus and the bacteria that cause gum disease. This simple process improves treatment success of both oral cancer and periodontal disease.

Oral cancer should not be taken lightly. Over the last five years, there has been an increase in the number of oral cancer cases. Oral cancer can happen in anyone, although those who have unhealthy habits such as using any form of tobacco, drinking alcohol regularly, or biting their cheeks or lips have increased risk. The early stages of oral cancer can be hard to detect by people who are not trained and experienced. Often there are no symptoms or pain in the early stages.

Take charge of the health of your mouth and your body. Call the office of Thirty-Two Dental to schedule an appointment with Dr. Vo or Breckley. Our dentists treat each patient as an individual, working closely with you to determine the best treatment option. Thirty-Two Dental is located at 600 Chastain Rd, Suite 422, Kennesaw, GA 30144.