What types of treatment are available for periodontal disease in Marietta?

If you have discovered that you have gum disease (periodontal disease), it is far from the end of the line for your teeth, as now there are many effective treatments available. The treatment you receive for periodontal disease from your dentist in Marietta will depend largely on the stage of the disease. There are four major ways to fight gum disease at various stages.


As with any disease, prevention is the ideal way to fight gum disease. The best methods of prevention are to make sure you follow your dentist’s instructions for cleaning your teeth (generally brushing twice or thrice a day after meals and flossing once a day) and to visit the dentist twice a year for cleanings. Simply keeping plaque off your teeth will give you a better chance of keeping gum disease from affecting your smile.

Deep Cleaning

Once you have developed mild to moderate gum disease, your dentist’s first line of treatment may be a deep cleaning known as scaling and planing. This cleaning involves removing tartar (hardened plaque) above the gumline as well as any that has built up under the gums. The roots of the teeth will also often be smoothed so that there will be no grooves where plaque can easily accumulate.


If the disease is severe, your dentist may also prescribe medications like antibiotics to stop the spread of bacteria and control any infection. The medications used may be given in the form of tablets, mouthwashes, gels, or even special medications the dentist will place in infected pockets after a deep cleaning.


Finally, when gum disease has progressed into its worst stages or when it has not responded to other treatments, your dentist may have to use surgery to treat it. These methods include surgery to remove tartar deep below gums and reduce the pockets and the placement of bone or tissue grafts to inspire new healthy tissue and bone growth.

If you think you may be developing periodontal disease, don’t wait to seek treatment until it has permanently harmed your teeth. Give our Marietta office a call today and make an appointment for a consultation.