Types of factors associated with gum disease in our Marietta patients

Gum disease is an oral condition affecting approximately 75 percent of the American population. Most periodontal dental patients are adults, with an increase in the instance of gum disease rising with age. Of those who have gum disease, estimates are that only about 60 percent are aware of the problem, and receive professional treatment to combat oral bacteria. Further research points to the factors of gum disease, as only 30 percent of the population has a genetic predisposition to this condition.

With just over one-quarter linked to heredity, what are the other types of factors are associated with gum disease? In our Marietta area dental practice, we are well aware of the many underlying causes, and are able to offer successful treatment of gum disease based on the severity of the condition. Some of the factors that may increase one’s risk of gum disease include:

  • Smoking is the most prominent preventable cause of gum disease. The use of tobacco products, in general, due to nicotine, leads to the depletion of oxygen in oral tissues. The body also responds to irritation from chemical substances with inflammation and an overproduction of cytokines, sent by the immune system. In excess, cytokines cause damage to connective tissues.
  • Age, perhaps due to natural biochemical changes, is associated with the risk of gum disease. Where half of American adults have gingivitis around a few teeth, 86 percent of those over the age of seventy experienced advanced periodontal disease or the loss of teeth due to this condition.
  • Hormones, especially in women, have been shown to have an impact on the oral cavity. In the dental field, there is something known as hormone-influenced gingivitis. This condition may occur in adolescent girls, in pregnant women, and in those taking oral contraceptives.

These are just a few of the various factors that may increase a person’s risk of gum disease, recognizing your personal risk factors are important. At 32 Dental, we work to create long-lasting relationships with our patients, which allow us to closely monitor oral conditions over years as the body changes. Personalized dental care creates a nice level of comfort and trust, and helps us stay abreast of any changes occurring in gum tissue.

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