Dentists in Marietta, GA discuss gum disease

Gum disease is a serious dental condition that many dentists educate their patients on extensively to help them understand how damaging it can be to smiles. Drs. Lan Vo and Sean Breckley in Marietta, Georgia are here to assist individuals in keeping their teeth and gums healthy for life.

At 32 Dental, we want our patients to understand the severity of damage gum disease can cause, which is why we educate patients of all ages of gum disease (or periodontal disease, as it is often called). Drs. Lan Vo and Sean Breckley talk to patients to help them understand how poor oral hygiene can contribute to the development of gum disease in Marietta, Georgia area patients.

When teeth are not brushed and flossed regularly, plaque and tartar may form on the surfaces of the teeth and gums. This can result in the formation of bacteria and acids, which can eat away at tooth enamel. Bacteria can cause an infection, resulting in red, inflamed gum tissue. During this initial stage, known as gingivitis, patients can have an examination done at their dental office and receive treatment. Treatment for this early stage is often a thorough cleaning of all surfaces of the teeth and gums as well as antibiotics.

If gingivitis is caught early enough, it is reversible, but if not, it can form into the later stages of periodontal disease known as periodontitis. Periodontitis develops and the gum tissue begins to pull away from the teeth, resulting in pockets where more bacteria can grow. The bone of the jaw may begin to disintegrate, causing natural teeth to become loose. If this stage is ignored, patients may begin to lose their adult teeth—which can only be repaired using restorative treatments. However, patients must first address the condition and seek treatment to bring their smile back to health before seeking restorative services.

Drs. Lan Vo and Sean Breckley want patients to understand the consequences of poor oral health, and can educate men and women on what to look for in the earlier stages of periodontal disease.