Caring for patient’s gums in Marietta, GA, we remind you to floss

Flossing is not a new recommendation. You have likely heard repeatedly as you have visited your dentist through the years that flossing should always follow brushing. Even with the persistent reminders from dentists, many people simply do not maintain consistency with their flossing habits. It is easy to see why flossing can be easily forgotten. Nothing shows up on floss, which can make you think that the areas in between teeth are clean, but this is not the case at all.

Flossing has great value in oral hygiene. Without this step, there is no way to experience optimal oral health. Although nothing shows on floss when it is used between the teeth and near the gums, this daily practice is making a dent in the harmful effects of oral bacteria. Dr. Breckley and Dr. Vo remain committed to protecting the gums of our various patients. In our Marietta, GA dental practice, we provide regular examinations and tips for home care that work to diminish bacterial activity in the mouth.

Brushing our teeth, we are able to remove tiny particles of food that remain after meals, and even sugar residue and bacteria. Brushing minimizes the risk of plaque buildup, and keeps teeth looking attractive. Perhaps the most important benefit of brushing, as well as flossing, is the removal of bacteria, living organisms that naturally exist in the mouth, thriving even without oxygen. When brushing is performed alone, bacteria hiding between teeth and at the gum line are able to remain intact and healthy.

Bacteria are naturally occurring organisms. Being alive, bacteria feed on microscopic particles of food left behind, sugar residue may not be visible on teeth, but this substance provides ample nutrients for bacteria, which leave toxic acid waste on the teeth. The sulfuric compounds and acid sit on the back of the tongue, causing bad breath, and also on teeth and gums, causing cavities and inflammation. We brush and floss our teeth not only because we want our smiles to look great, but also because invisible bacteria pose a real threat to a healthy smile and body.

Your dentist at Thirty-two Dental is committed to helping you keep your teeth and gums healthy and attractive for life. Contact our office for your dental check-up.