Implants made even more affordable at Kennesaw GA dental office

By Drs. Lan Vo and Sean Breckley

Affordable Dental Implants in Kennesaw GA area

Adults typically develop 32 teeth. So, 32 Dental partners with patients to retain as many of those teeth as possible. However, Drs. Lan VoSean Breckley, and Cang Huynh appreciate that challenges to oral health can arise over time, and accidents can happen. There may be times when the appropriate approach is to extract a cracked, decayed, or otherwise damaged tooth. Likewise, root canal therapy, while highly successful, doesn’t “save” every natural tooth, or a knocked-out tooth can’t always be successfully re-rooted in the mouth.

In these and other situations, affordable dental implants in Kennesaw GA at the offices of 32 Dental may be just what the dentist orders. And, yes, these preferred alternatives to conventional dental bridges and dentures can truly be affordable and a great value for many patients, regardless of budget. Our dentists also can extract and place the implant in a single visit, which makes it even easier and more affordable to enjoy all the benefits that come with lifelike and lasting implant-supported crowns and dentures.

Make the most of your time and money

Make the most of your time and money in Kennesaw GA areaDental implants have become the gold standard to replace missing teeth. Prosthetic teeth that are supported by implants are often considered to be worth their weight in gold due to the many characteristics that make them so different from conventional removable dentures and conventional bridges, which are supported by crowned teeth. All these benefits are rooted in the design of prosthetic teeth that are retained by implants and contribute to the implant-supported teeth being so cost-effective, durable, and no-hassle.

  • Tooth replacement options that use dental implants are designed like natural teeth. The implant is made from safe, tissue-friendly titanium. It’s shaped like a cylinder. When placed in your upper or lower jawbone, the implant functions like a natural tooth root. This replacement tooth root is topped with either a crown or denture. And, just like a natural tooth root, holds the overlying tooth or teeth in place.
  • Since implant-supported teeth are designed like “real” teeth, they have a natural appearance and feel. Moreover, they function like natural, healthy teeth. You can chew even sticky and hard foods with no problem. You don’t have to “relearn” how to pronounce words as you might with conventional dentures (as there is an adjustment period).
  • Perhaps more than anything, what makes implant-supported teeth such a great value is the role they play in keeping facial bone strong. With conventional tooth replacement that sits on top of the gums, supportive bone tissue doesn’t get the healthy stimulation required to retain its density and height. A healthy bone is necessary to support facial features. So, as the bone is lost, your cheeks may appear hollow and the lower part of your face collapses, which can have an aging effect on your appearance. Skin tends to also sag as the bone retreats.
  • Implant-supported teeth can be cleaned just like natural teeth, no special brushes, cleaners, or upkeep (like with traditional dentures and bridges). Dentures also need to be relined as the bone is lost, and both dentures and bridges may need to be replaced. Implant crowns and dentures can keep going and going, as long as you keep your new teeth and the area around the implant clean.
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32 Dental is equipped to place dental implants immediately following the extraction of teeth. Temporary restorations are also placed. So, you never have to be seen without teeth. In turn, you also get a high level of care without the “specialty provider” price tag! Since implants may be strategically placed in your jaw to support a maximum number of teeth, this helps to keep implant crowns and dentures affordable. Our office staff is experienced with working with insurance companies to help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses and can discuss payment options with you. You can afford dental implants at 32 Dental. Call (770) 423-1132 to schedule an appointment at one of our two convenient Kennesaw offices