Why patients in the Acworth area should have regular dental cleaning services

By Drs. Lan Vo and Sean Breckley

Dental Cleaning from Drs. Lan Vo and Sean Breckley, Thirty-Two Dental

At 32 Dental, patients in the Acworth area can enjoy a wide variety of treatments from general to cosmetic dentistry. Dental health begins with quality care every day, and regular visits to the dentist. This means visiting Drs. Lan Vo and Sean Breckley for dental cleanings and examinations every six months to improve and maintain oral health and wellness.

Dental cleaning

A dental cleaning is a great way to maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. Dental cleanings are done in our practice by a dental hygienist who will use special instruments to remove plaque and tartar from the surfaces of the teeth and gums. This also removes bacteria that may cause problems such as periodontal disease. While patients may brush their teeth at home several times a day, they can still benefit from a professional dental cleaning at 32 Dental.

Other services

In addition to dental cleanings, we provide a variety of dental care solutions for patients in and around the community. This includes examinations, education, dental fillings, restorations, and the treatment of periodontal disease when it has developed. Dental care is essential to ensuring the health of the smile, as well as maintaining the natural teeth for a lifetime. When problems occur, patients should contact their dentist for an examination and discuss possible treatment options. From cleanings to extensive full mouth restoration, Drs. Lan Vo and Sean Breckley can help with their dedicated staff of dental professionals.

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Drs. Lan Vo and Sean Breckley are committed to helping Acworth area patients with the achievement of healthy, beautiful smiles. Contact 32 Dental at (770) 423-1132 or visited personally at 600 Chastain Road Northwest, Suite 422. Book an appointment today at their Kennesaw, GA practice and speak with a professional about the benefits of regular dental cleanings and examinations.