Kennesaw, GA area dentists offer options for fixing broken teeth

Drs. Lan Vo and Sean Breckley of 32 Dental in the Kennesaw, GA area believe in offering new and current patients numerous restorative solutions when problems arise within the smile. There are times in which the teeth may become broken or trauma may have affected the appearance of a natural tooth. This is when our dental team can step in with cosmetic restorations such as dental crowns to help in fixing broken teeth and repairing their appearance, while at the same time providing stronger stability and structure to protect the remaining tooth from further damage.

Drs. Lan Vo and Sean Breckley of 32 Dental can help patients interested in fixing broken teeth. They start with an oral examination and some x-rays to check the health of the tooth. If patients are experiencing just a crack or chip of the natural tooth enamel, they may want to consider repairing it with a porcelain veneer or composite resin dental bonding. If the trauma has affected the dental pulp, it may be causing pain and discomfort and these patients may be better suited for a procedure known as a root canal—or “endodontic therapy.”

Even if root canal therapy is done, some patients may benefit from the placement of a dental crown over the natural tooth. A dental crown is a ceramic restoration that is fabricated to cover all sides of the tooth for both aesthetics and protection. They are made to match the existing teeth to blend in with the smile and appear as natural as possible while giving the tooth extra strength to function properly.

Dental crowns are beautiful and can provide patients with a restored appearance and better function. They may be suggested in many situations because they can be incredibly versatile. Patients are welcome to speak to the team of 32 Dental to find out if crowns are appropriate for their specific needs. Contact Drs. Lan Vo and Sean Breckley today to book a consultation appointment and examination to determine if dental crowns are best for your smile!