Benefits of porcelain crowns from your Marietta dentist

As often as possible, we try to preserve the natural structure of teeth through preventative measures, and to restore teeth, when necessary, with conservative methods. Should a tooth sustain an injury, or become damaged from a large cavity or fractured filling, a dental crown may be the most appropriate form of repair. We understand that your smile needs to look good as well as remain functional. For this reason, we have our dental crowns crafted from beautiful porcelain material.

Many people associate porcelain with frailty. In fact, until fairly recently, dental crowns were fabricated from metal alloy or gold, as these materials were deemed stronger and more suitable for the pressures of chewing and biting. Today, we have access to porcelain so strong that entire crowns can be made from this substance alone.

Porcelain crowns from your Marietta area dentist are custom crafted to match the tooth being repaired perfectly, based on a mold of that tooth. Covering a tooth with a porcelain crown will not impact the beauty of the smile. This material looks so much like natural enamel, reflecting light and appearing translucent, that a porcelain crown can even be used for smile enhancement. Porcelain is also stain resistant. Due to this characteristic, some people undergo teeth whitening treatment before restoring a tooth with a porcelain crown, so that their smile is bright, beautiful, and cohesive.

Most commonly used for the restoration of teeth that show fully in the smile, porcelain crowns are aesthetically pleasing because they do not display a dark line at the gums, as do metal based crowns. On back teeth, we can create a dental crown from a gold or metal alloy base, with a porcelain overlay. This way, the tooth is restored to a strong foundation for chewing, but looks like the natural tooth instead of metal.

Your smile is unique to you, and we have various ways in which to ensure you feel comfortable with the aesthetics of your smile as we devise a restorative treatment plan. During your consultation with your Thirty-two Dental dentist, you can learn about the types of dental crowns we offer, and the advantages of each.

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