Ask a dentist in Kennesaw if your chipped tooth could need a crown

Your teeth are tough, but they are vulnerable to damage. When you are not careful about the things you eat or if you use your teeth to open, break, or bend hard objects, you may end up chipping or even breaking your teeth. Even if you take good care of your teeth, they may end up being chipped if you get into an accident or have a sports related injury.

Whatever the cause, if you have a chipped tooth, you may want to ask a dentist in Kennesaw about restoration options such as a dental crown. Having a chipped tooth may make your smile look damaged and unattractive in addition to making it more susceptible to dental decay. Cosmetic concerns may seem like the most serious issue in the case of a chipped tooth, and as a result, you may be tempted to either ignore the problem or go with the easiest solution. While solutions such as dental bonding or veneers can improve the way your smile looks in many cases, they may not always be the best option for the health of your smile, depending on the level of damage to the tooth.

A chipped or cracked tooth will no longer have a smooth surface, which will mean that food particles and bacteria can more easily cling to your teeth and lead to cavities. If your tooth is badly chipped, it may not be long before you have a bad toothache and need to have your tooth removed. This is why it is important to see your dentist when you have a chipped tooth, so that he or she can make sure that you don’t need to have a stronger restoration such as a crown placed. A crown can completely cover your tooth so that the damaged tooth will no longer be exposed to bacteria, food, or anything that could lead to decay.

Whether your smile needs a crown or a treatment like bonding or veneers to cover a chipped tooth, we can help you get the best restorations available in Kennesaw. Give us a call at (770) 423-1132 to make an appointment with the dentist today.