A skilled cosmetic dentist can improve smiles in Marietta

When you smile or laugh, do you hide behind your teeth behind your hand? Unfortunately, many people are ashamed of their smiles because of an accident, untreated cavities, or in some cases, genetics. Drs. Lan Vo and Sean Breckley can use a variety of cosmetic dental procedures to give you a dazzling smile.

When most people hear the phrase cosmetic dentistry, they think of teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. These are common procedures, but any procedure that improves the aesthetics of the smile can be considered cosmetic.

A few procedures that fit into the cosmetic and restorative categories include:

    • Tooth colored fillings – Almost everyone knows someone who has a silver amalgam filling and knows how they can detract from the aesthetics of your smile. Here at 32 dental, we offer our patients composite resin fillings. These fillings match the color of the teeth making for invisible restorations.


    • Bonding – Bad habits such as eating ice and opening bags with your teeth can result in chips and cracks; bonding is a simple procedure that can restore the appearance of the damaged teeth. It can also be used to minimize excessive gaps and improve the appearance of discolored teeth that will not respond to whitening treatments.


    • Crowns – When teeth have suffered extensive damage and fillings nor bonding can restore them, dental crowns can preserve natural teeth and restore their form and function. They are created using porcelain that matches the shade of the existing teeth.


    • Bridges – When a tooth is extracted, a fixed dental bridge is a common restoration option. Bridges are fabricated from porcelain and the restoration is undetectable when complete. The bridge is made of two crowns that go over the teeth that border the gap with a false tooth (pontic) in the middle.


  • Veneers – These can be used to address the same issues bonding does. A key difference is bonding lasts about 5 years before having to be repaired or replaced, but veneers can last 15 years with proper care. Your doctor will discuss your options with you and help you decide what is best for you. Because veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded to the front of the teeth, they can make the teeth look larger or smaller and are a great option for changing the appearance of the smile.

To discover what cosmetic dentistry can do for you call 32 Dental at (770) 423-1132 and schedule your consultation. Drs. Vo and Breckley are talented dentists who are giving Marietta residents a reason to smile.