Dentist in Marietta, GA reviews cosmetic dentistry services and treatments available

Drs. Lan Vo and Sean Breckley of 32 Dental in Marietta, GA often work with patients who want to enhance their natural smile and address imperfections that may make them feel self-conscious. A dentist who provides cosmetic dentistry services and treatments reviews the ways in which patients can obtain a more beautiful smile. At 32 Dental, our team provides a wide range of aesthetic treatments that can allow individuals t to achieve the smile of their dreams and feel more confident with the way they look. Here is just a sampling of the cosmetic dentistry services available through our practice:

Invisalign Orthodontics
Straighter teeth are beautiful, function better, and provide better oral health. This is because there are less crevices and areas that are at risk for plaque and tartar to build up, reducing the risk of decay and periodontal disease. However, many patients are not thrilled about traditional orthodontics so they prefer a clear aligner therapy option known as Invisalign.

Teeth Whitening
Brightening the smile with teeth bleaching solutions is one of the fastest ways of rejuvenating the smile. Patients in the Marietta, GA area will discuss with their dentist whether these professional-grade products are best suited for their needs.

Porcelain Veneers
Covering imperfections can be done easily with porcelain veneers, a popular restorative solution for patients who want a fast and affordable method of disguising problems such as broken, stained, or disfigured teeth.

Dental Crowns
Crowns are used in both restorative and cosmetic dentistry, and they can cover up problems areas or restore dental implants to act as a false tooth. Dental crowns are made to match the existing teeth within the smile to integrate seamlessly into the dental arch and look completely natural.

Dental Bridges
Missing teeth can be resolved with the use of dental bridges. Dental bridges are restorations made of porcelain and fabricated with two crowns and a pontic (false tooth). They are bonded in place using adjacent natural teeth for support and can restore function and beauty to the smile.