Looking your best with teeth whitening treatment from your Marietta dentist

Our teeth have been with us since before we can remember. We learn to clean and care for them when we are still children, and subsequently spend very little time pondering their overall purpose. Our teeth, it is understood, are functional body parts, helping us chew food so that it can be digested. In truth, the smile is one of the first things we notice about one another. As such, the appearance of teeth takes on new importance. Modern-day dentistry, then, is in the business of not only keeping teeth healthy but keeping smiles beautiful.

One of the most popular cosmetic treatments is teeth whitening, which we perform in our Marietta practice with take-home trays. The tried and true standard in teeth whitening, at-home trays are convenient to use and highly affordable, making this treatment a viable option for most people. Rather than looking into the available options, most people reach for those commercial whiteners that promise to improve the smile significantly. Understanding the science of tooth stains, however, would lead you to understand the difference that comes from professional treatment.

Our teeth, like our skin, contain tiny pores. The foods that we eat, beverages we consume, and environmental factors we are exposed to contain microscopic elements that easily travel through pores into the deeper layers of tooth enamel. By the time we look into the mirror and see dull, discolored teeth, the stains have traveled from the inside out. In their deeper location, stains are more difficult to reach.

When something is harder to reach, you need a stronger solution to solve the problem. With tooth stains, the inexpensive commercial products contain too little of the necessary whitening agents to make a real difference. Yes, surface stains will be lifted with commercial whiteners, but the intrinsic stains remain in place and very quickly lead to surface discoloration. Were you to add up the amount of commercial whitening it would take to produce long-lasting results, you would find that working with your dentist is the most cost-effective, and safest, approach to teeth whitening.

To look and feel your best, your smile should be bright and youthful. Contact us to learn how teeth whitening can enhance your smile.