Replacing dentures with Marietta dental implants

It was only recently that advances in dentistry brought us alternative ways to deal with a missing tooth or teeth. For decades, the floating denture appliance was the only way to attain a functionally beautiful smile after the removal or loss of all teeth. Of course, there have been improvements made to the denture appliance, and this option for replacing teeth is still used today. However, at 32 Dental, Marietta dental implants are giving patients more to smile about.

Using a single dental implant, which is a tiny titanium screw that is implanted into the jawbone, we can effectively restore a single tooth, or restore a stabile bite to patients who have worn dentures for years. Due to the nature of Marietta dental implants, this is the only permanent solution for the replacement of missing teeth, and is one that comes highly recommended by dentists for a variety of reasons. Especially when compared to traditional dentures, the benefits of implants are amplified.

The process of obtaining dental implants may take some time, as the jawbone heals around the implant gradually. However, once the process is complete, the restoration is just like a normal tooth. What this means to the denture wearer is a renewed sense of confidence and elevated comfort. Where dentures are known to slip, fall out, or rub against delicate gum tissue, Marietta dental implants look and feel completely natural. No longer does the patient need to worry about eating certain foods, or feel apprehensive about laughing or smiling.

Aside from being able to enjoy all sorts of foods, the permanency of dental implant treatment is ideal. With a structure very closely resembling that of a natural tooth, the implant restores function and a natural aesthetic. It is ideal for the prolonged health of the jawbone, which can deteriorate over time with traditional dentures.

All parts of a dental implant are beneficial to sustained oral health, as all materials that comprise an implant and its artificial tooth will resist corrosion and will not decay. Implant patients do need to be careful to maintain appropriate oral hygiene that includes daily brushing and flossing, however. These practices, along with regular visits to 32 Dental, facilitate healthy gums, which are a necessary support to dental implants.

To determine if dental implant treatment is right for you, contact 32 Dental for your consultation.