Receiving gentle dental care from your Kennesaw dentist is the key to oral health

The more we learn about the connection between the mouth and the rest of the body, the better we understand just how important oral hygiene practices are to health and well-being. After years of brushing and flossing every day, it is easy to become complacent, thinking that the mere completion of tasks is sufficient for oral health. In fact, there are those who avoid receiving professional care due to dental anxiety. In our practice, we perform gentle dental care, enabling our Kennesaw patients to enjoy pleasant dental experiences.

Receiving regular dental care from your skilled dentists allows you and your family the opportunity to promote oral health beyond what is possible with at-home care. During each visit, your dentist takes a gentle approach when providing dental care in our Kennesaw office, paying special attention to the state of the gums. We do this to catch gum disease in its earliest form, when it is most easily treated.

Visiting your dentist every six months as recommended, allows the earliest possible detection of tooth decay. When we are able to catch cavities when they are still small, we are able to treat the tooth in the most conservative manner. Larger cavities not only cause pain, they also require that more of the natural tooth structure be removed, leading to the need for a larger filling.

Because there is more time that passes between visits than is spent under our direct care, we are committed to providing information to each patient based on his or her specific needs. Those who are battling periodontal disease may be advised to return to our office sooner than the standard three months, so that we can gain control over bacteria and the resulting inflammation. In every instance, patients can rest assured that they will receive exceedingly gentle dental care from their Kennesaw dentist.

At home, it is important to remember the specific purpose of oral hygiene practice. Teeth are brushed to create a bright, shining smile, fresh breath, and to protect against bacteria and plaque build-up. Brushing should continue for a full two minutes, with attention given to every tooth. In addition to brushing, daily flossing is vital to the elimination of harmful bacteria and the health of gum tissue. Skipping on the floss is similar to washing only a portion of your body when bathing.

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums takes daily commitment to oral hygiene, and ongoing regular care from your dental professional. To promote your healthiest smile, contact us today.