Patients in Woodstock ask, "Can a crown repair a cracked tooth?

A cracked tooth can cause a person to panic. Fortunately, there is no need to fret. The caring and gentle team at 32 Dental treats dental emergencies promptly. Dentists Drs. Lan Vo and Sean Breckley and their team can restore health to the smile with various treatments. Many patients in Woodstock and the surrounding areas will ask, “Can a crown repair a cracked tooth?” Our answer is yes, when necessary. We prefer the most conservative treatments, keeping the tooth intact as much as possible. Dental bonding and dental veneers are also treatments we offer to restore a cracked tooth.

Cracking a tooth

There are several causes of cracked teeth including crunching ice or hard candy, falling off a bicycle, or suffering a blow to the face. The tooth is more susceptible to cracking if it is decayed. Regardless of the reason your tooth may be cracked, we recommend placing an ice pack on your cheek to reduce any swelling.

Treatment for a cracked tooth

We can place composite resin on the affected tooth to repair minor cracks. After the material hardens, the result is natural looking. We also can place a veneer on the tooth, which is a wafer thin shell made of porcelain. The veneer is strong, stain resistant, durable, and blends beautifully with the smile. When there is more severe damage, we may recommend a dental crown. We place this cap onto the tooth to protect and strengthen it. Like a veneer, the crown can be made of natural looking porcelain. We can provide other materials such as gold for the anterior teeth, which are used for mastication.

Visiting the dentist

If you have cracked your tooth, call our team at (770) 423-1132. We will respond promptly to ensure you can see one of our dentists soonest. At your appointment, the dentist will examine the extent of tooth damage. X-rays may be taken to examine the jawbone and soft tissues. The dentist will form a plan that will include your diagnosis and recommended treatment. Rest assured you would be placed on a path toward a healthier smile.